Concerning the presence of life out in the cosmos, there are three positions that are held;
One, there is nothing out in space; never has been and never will be.

Two, there definitely are beings out among the stars, but it’s such a big place, space, that it will be very hard to discover them.

Three, a largish number hope that there aren’t any signs, at least not yet, because they want to get out there first and plant a flag, as it were, to lay claim and declare the right to defend whatever they landed on.
Earth Law in force, of course, not Cosmic Law.

Earth’s huge populations constantly need resources; I can’t imagine it will be long before space ships will off-planet to get what we can’t find in enough bulk here.
Mars seems the most likely first choice. Little robots have been checking it out for years, and as it appears to be a planet that had passed its best, either ruined by once-upon-a-time dwellers, or battered to death because it was unfortunately in the path of meteor streams or the like, there’s not too much parleying to do with disgruntled home-owners.
This is all muck-a-muck stuff, likely to occur, sometime.

Writers, on the other hand, don’t have to wait for technology to catch up, they can go on out there and do it, inventing the rationale and the method in a few brain scorching moves.
For example, Greatest Spirit as the All One and the Premier Think Tank specialist of all Time, doesn’t ‘do’ anything, surely; he leaves that for others to accomplish, such as the Guv’nor, and his admin assistants, Witness and Questor, cosmic specialists par excellence, and utterly essential to the story.


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