Where’s Jimmy?

Jimmy was the son of our downstairs neighbour. We knew that because she told us, and said he was always away on important business that she couldn’t talk about. As kids playing about the house, we had our own ideas about Jimmy, which we couldn’t talk about, because we didn’t know what was going on either.
Everyone was sure Jimmy was not about, they never saw him, they said, but actually he was there often, he just had the most amazing knack of not being noticed. I mean he could be standing only a few feet away and never be seen.
I used to watch him, as children do, untangled as they are from learned conventions of daily living that actually confuse the fact that there are truer, co-existent realities. I’d watch Jimmy float in and out of my gaze, move without moving, and he’d grin at me sometimes, knowing that I had uncovered his game, if not the way it was done or why he was doing it.
Decades later I can say that it was all done with mirrors; Jimmy understood that reality was not flat and inert, and that the movement of independent energetic fields, the shifting of the planes of reality, was to be expected, and could be used to advantage. If you know that reality is faceted and fragmented, then you can step consciously to a place which is blind to everyone else and be invisible.
Conjurors and illusionists play their tricks with shifting reality as an able assistant. They are aware that most people have not realised how fluid the world around them is and profit from that ignorance. We have not been duped; we just lack information, which for an everyday existence is not necessary. However, we are often victims of those energetic changes and get involved in many situations for which we have no explanations.
Jimmy wasn’t making his money at conjuring; he did much more ordinary work, as I later found out. He was a courier, someone who carried precious jewels and important papers to new destinations, when sleight of hand and invisibility are needed.
Knowing what he did about the world he lived in, he must have been very good at his job.



  1. Murray Shoolbraid says:

    This inevitably reminds me of that verse in “Cosher Bailey” –

    Now he had a cousin Jim
    Who was very very slim,
    And when he stood side on
    You would swear that Jim had gone!
    Did you ever see, &c .

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