The Journey begins

Greatest Spirit as Keeper of the Light of Consciousness … the words of Rachael’s prayer, said as simply and lovingly as they could be, were carried out into the unknowable tracts of the unending Cosmos on the stream of the Light of Consciousness. The Life Source, defended every moment of the way by the deafening roar of the Truth of Intent, burst forth from Jake’s Cave travelling at incredible speed in every conceivable direction and on every plane of existence, and as the mega sonic boom at the moment of release tailed away to nothingness, the seemingly dead and dark interstices of blue-black space lit up with an indescribable scintillating and sparkling rosy pink glow and things began to happen.
Immobile slivers and shards and roly-poly bits of primordial matter that had unknowingly permeated every aspect and plane of existence suddenly had the thought to shift, discovering in themselves wholly unexpected urges to go somewhere. Vast clouds of that interstellar dust, thousands and thousands of parsecs across and as deep as that again, roiled and swelled to twice their original dimension, while universes of explosive gases sputtered fitfully, then ignited and burned with frissons of uncontrollable excitement that sparked and popped and brightly illuminated the space in which they lay.
The prayer, perfectly aware of its final destination, stubbornly pursued its purpose and raced further out and out from Earth, faster, faster and faster, beyond what was possible, revealing itself for the millionth part of a nanosecond as the soft pale orange of a spring morning on the planet Mars, and at the same time the momentary lingering of a single light photon ray on the perishing cold and perpetually dark side of Mercury.
In the wide, open galactic spaces which made Forever seem small and paltry, the orison rode super-galactic winds with wild whoopee freedom, crashing into and blasting apart seeding beds of violently hot stars; dragging on the straggling tag ends of nameless crowds of molecular clouds, vigorously encouraging enigmatic though grossly fertile nebulae to birth more stars than was strictly necessary.
Round and round the tall, stately Pillars of Creation it spun and gambolled, to spring forward again, picking out in searching clarity meteor-battered planets and moons that even Time had forgotten were there.

Taken from the Prologue of The Blessings of Dis, Book Two of The Gatherers Trilogy.



  1. Great job putting the writing out there……How goes the recording?

  2. Denise, bits of the books an’ all, as they say. books 3 and 4 are quite different from the first two. Editing is the name of the game up here. But as Rod is working, the sound edit is going too slow. I will help him. Other correction edits are doing well. How about tea? Are you on shore this morning? I can toddle down to Barb’s or TJs. Love, Kristin.

  3. Denise, the Prequel B’Hemoth has been read, that happened before Christmas. Now we are editing the reading, which will take some time. A bit of a grind, but not impossible. The first book of the trilogy, Cataclysm’s Day is being edited with a view to reading that, and perhaps we can begin the process later in the spring. Kristin

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