Don’t fence me in!

Incarceration seems so horrible and final. It can occur as the consequence of the administration of justice, be the result of a serious illness of some sort, or because of unexpected events beyond anyone’s control.
The prisoner, sufferer and the victim, on their restriction, are made the same, and have only three options whereby they may approach their future.

Doing absolutely nothing, sitting like a bump on a log, praying, perhaps for divine intervention, or perhaps numbed into acceptance by the speed of overtaking events.

Staying with it, always on the alert, looking for ways to ease the present situation, watching to see which course their Ship of Destiny will follow.

Turning away from outside reality by going deeply within to discover esoteric paths to ultimate liberation, which if successful will offer much more freedom than ever could have been imagined.

Being beyond the body and societal restrictions is to understand what is truly going on.
Thought creates reality and the more expansive that can be, the further you will go in any direction.


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