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This is a philosophical concept thousands of years old, held by the Chinese people, which says that if the rulers of the country are not doing a good job and have put the country at risk, then they, the people, have the right to remove same said rulers. It is not something that is taken lightly, because the trust between the people and the rulers is generally strong. However, when poverty sets in and there are one too many natural disasters, such as the overflowing of the Yellow River, or a full-on drought, those events are taken as proof positive that things have to change at the top. Fair’s fair, wouldn’t you say?

The Declaration of Arbroath, 1320 AD, couched in Latin, is a remarkable Scottish document which puts the rights of the people above those of the King, though they were bound to the monarch by Law and his right to rule.
The declaration went further; it said that men have a right to freedom, and the duty to defend it against all threat. This is an eternal Truth, which gets its strength from the understanding of equality and reciprocity among the people.

Probably many constitutions have similar strictures to contain the ill-considered activities of people who do the people’s business. Maybe they should be read out every year as a matter of course, thus avoiding a build-up of gall and anger which could prove dangerous.

Trust when it becomes tainted is hard to renew. Best not go there, find other ways to be true to the Land and its people.



  1. Heaven’s mandate would seem to be another aspect of the ridiculous idea of the Divine Right of Kings (especially the Stuarts), but it’s true that the Chinese, like the inscrutable Scots, had the idea of withdrawing support, presumably when Heaven prompted them to. Still, to get rid of an incumbent is never easy when he/she has all the cards, and armies, and media or whatever at command…

  2. Hi Kristen, here Yoshizen arrived 😉
    —— 天命 Tien Mien, or in Japanese Ten Mei has a bit different
    understanding in the east. Such as the flood etc was the expression of the Heaven’s frustration = King or Emperor is not
    worthy to be there, therefore given the people to have a right to
    revolt. ( Ultimately, the world is governed by the Heaven, King is
    only a trustee 😀 )

  3. yoshizen, you are correct in this matter also, the Kings are dead from our societies, instead we have politicians who have not studied to understand their role in society. That must change. Kristin

  4. I believe we have a right to individuation.
    If (?) we have evolved in the past by going yonder,
    then the next right should lead us within – one foot in and
    one foot out. We will be so 3-D that folks will mistake us
    for a mistaken people bent on finding that ‘5th Dimension’.

    I can hear ’em singing “NOW”. 🙂

  5. Great post. Current times are becoming more interesting, yes?

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