Sing a little song for me

I have taken a day or to think of topics and ideas to write about; not that there’s a shortage of words, an unfortunate carte blanche or a black board with no chalk marks on it. Somewhat the reverse; my head is always popping with thoughts, but as far as this Tetralogia blog is concerned, I’ve decided not to be so focused on the content of my four books.
I haven’t revealed much of them at all, in fact I imagine a few folk are itching to get their hands on the whole text: I’ve been going on and on about it for long enough. Publish or perish or get lost as the world goes flying by. The flavour of the nanosecond, instant connection and disconnection, it’s the delight and the nemesis of our age, Here today, gone today. “Hey ho,” said Roly.

But let’s move around a bit, smell some different kinds of roses, for the lives of the people we meet and hear about are generated in so many ways, often coming as a complete surprise to those who have to live them.
Becoming a professional singer is a great case in point. It is not at all usual that a child will decide to sing opera, for example, and get on with it; they may decide to be a doctor or lawyer, maybe, a football or tennis player at a stretch, the acceptable down the middle sort of careers that create no waves with parents or friends.
It’s also OK to say I want to play an instrument, piano, violin or French horn, be good enough to perform in all the major concert houses around the world, for if there is talent, the training will guarantee results.
Maybe it’s best to say that singing picks the singer, not the other way round, for many great singers have been well set on other careers before lightning struck, and they had to make a complete U-turn and start all over again. A glorious voice, developing inside a person, subject to all the stresses and uncertainties of that body, may not choose to show itself early, and when it does, it may cause consternation and disruption until the rightness of the course change becomes clear. Many highly successful singers, from the safety of established careers, will admit that singing for a living was the last thing on earth they wanted to do.
To be continued in our next…


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