Big Booby (part three)

Hello folks, I discovered that no one read Part 3 of Big Booby, so I’m posting it again. Doesn’t anyone want to know what came to pass?

She smirked; Patsie had discovered to her delight that there was another way to turn the screw, to exact her last revenge. Bob sat rigid on the side of the bed staring at his wife in much the same way a mouse might look at a cat, as it tried to calculate which way its tormentor was going to jump next.
“Flo and I went to school together,” Mrs. B went on conversationally, combing her hair and slipping into her house slippers, “best of friends we were, man, for donkey’s years, long before you came on the scene, actually. Didn’t you know that?” She added the little twist, deliberately trying for the utterly innocent effect.
There was a long, heavy pause. Then a slow, heated red flush began to rise above Billet’s collar and it moved steadily upwards till it engulfed his whole head. Shame and anger mixed in exactly balanced amounts claimed him, and Mrs. B watched the showing of mortification with satisfaction; a picture was indeed worth a thousand words.
Now it was Bob’s turn to lose it; for his part he wanted to jump up and tear off into Cataclysm’s advancing storm. He thought about wrecking the room, about shaking the living daylights out of Mrs. B, and throwing her absent remains out the window. But then what would he get of lasting value out of a brainless tantrum like that? Flo would never speak to him again and he’d have no one to turn to at the end of his life. It took a moment to show itself, but then the humour of how niftily he’d been snookered by the two best women he knew, and for how long, caught up to him and he burst out laughing.
Mrs. B, unwilling to concede the game right off, tried very hard to keep her smiles under wraps, but in the end she couldn’t do either, and like summer flowers her grins bloomed, bright and clear.
“It’s just as well for you it was Flo you were making out with,” she said.
“I could put up with that,” she added judiciously. “I’d do anything for that woman, and you should know that, Bob Billet.”
Billet found good sense and restraint in a hurry and kept his mouth shut, letting Patsie’s words, loaded with land mines, pick their own time to pass away undisturbed.
“Hurry up, man, we haven’t got all day!” Mrs. B yelled suddenly, breaking into Billet’s reverie.
“Go get Flo and bring her over here! It’s a bit early, of course, but I’ll start something for us, boiled ham and vegetables with new potatoes would be nice, don’t you think. The three of us can have a good meal together at the very least, and a game of cards later if we’re given the time.” Then with a come-hither look and a huge wink, she added, “Maybe there’s something else the three of us can do on our last day, what d’you think?”

taken from Cataclysm’s Day, first book of The Gatherers Trilogy.


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