All of us have experienced the extremes of good and bad, hope and sorrow, the negative and positive of all sorts of situations. We are also aware that it will take resolution, sharpness of mind and an open heart, to approach that centre in ourselves where everything is in exact balance.
It seems so small a place, like sitting on the head of a pin; one wrong word, or inappropriate action, and oops! there we go again, down into the pit of despair or hanging off the curtain rails.
What we think creates our reality; therefore it’s not impossible to make that tiny spot we’re teetering on very much bigger and safer. By conscious effort it is possible to believe you are sitting in the centre of a playing field, with no likelihood of falling off in any direction.
It is an exquisite feeling to discover personal balance, and it is not so hard to achieve. Control of the flusterings of the mind helps, so does taking regular rest and bringing the body into good health. Dancing and singing and using the hands to create all manner of things, will quickly lead to ease of being.
There is no one road to a place of equilibrium; make a connection with yourself, and look forward to enjoying a great time



  1. Good post! I agree. 🙂

  2. We pinheads have to put up with a lot. No doubt.

    Part of me is on its way up, and part of me
    is spiraling downward, preparing to jump ship
    and watch the other part of me quickly fall.
    On our bottoms at the bottom, we be equal
    once and for all. Or, that is, until we hop back on
    the painted board and push off for all we’re worth.

    To be young again…ah! Why knot? 🙂 UT

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