Time Zero

I haven’t got round to posting my posts in the last few days, events took me for a whirl and I ended up being short-changed in the time department. I mean where did it go? It’s supposed to roll out evenly, but frankly I don’t think that can be true.
We measure time with clocks of all sorts, instruments that know how to keep the beat, but I am far from convinced that counting even ticks is that effective, it simply doesn’t tell the whole story.
I would say that time is perfectly arbitrary, that all we do with clocks is control ourselves. Time is, I believe, quite different for each person and every other sentient thing on this planet, and probably to infinity through the universes.
Time seems mashable, malleable, stretchable, able to be tightly compressed, round, smooth, rough and bumpy, and sometimes inclined to become crystalline, with facets that reflect in many different ways. Time operates on the horizontal, the vertical and round blind corners, while still remaining valid to the person who is experiencing it.
There can only be one moment when time is wholly synchronous, and that is the time of our birth into the Light of Consciousness, the instant we become alive to a new life.
This is Time Zero, the only measurable point that is the same for all of us.



  1. I love to play with clock theory myself. Or was that yesterday?
    Way back, we go to Chicago Transit Authority, who were completely
    correct to ask, “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?”

    I know that Zero point. I’m probably still there dreaming my life away,
    even though it seems to be 2012, that is but our best guess.

    Peace to you today, Kristen! 🙂 UT

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