Heads up!

The arch-villain in Charles Dicken’s Our Mutual Friend, Bradley Headstone, made the following remark to another unsavoury character, Rogue Riderhood, concerning a man he was stalking; “But if he doesn’t lead, I can’t follow.”
I immediately saw the words in another context, namely the relationship between the voting public and their government, which at this point in history appears to be in great disarray almost everywhere.
Politicians are NOT creative thinkers; they build out of the public business at hand the necessary laws, statutes and regulations to meet perceived needs, and they react to the pressures that come against them to reach those ends.
Right now the main pressure is not coming from the voters, but from big business, which has lobbied so hard that the legitimate democratic process has been sunk almost out of sight. Joe Blow gets to vote, but the method has become complicated and tainted. Once elected the politicians, having got a mandate, seem to lose sight of it, their vision having been twisted and bent by other interests that have made immediate claim on their attention.

There is a great deal more that could be said, but an adjustment to the above quote might shed some light:
If the voting public does not engage itself fully in its own business and lead the way, then the politicians will not follow.


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