The Hopi speak of there having been four civilisations on this planet prior to this one. I suppose this to mean that human beings were rather too much to the fore in them, as now; that there weren’t only hordes of dinosaurs or ants or bees or eels, and that the Hopi themselves had lived through each of those very ancient times.
It is certainly not easy to recognise the early signs of advanced living; they appear to have been utterly eradicated from the face of the Earth, as presumably our cultural state will be eventually. But, as we know the Mayans were aware of the occurrence of a significant energetic shift in the part of the universe where Earth is found, might we not speculate that prior societies also experienced similar cosmic shifts, and that far from being totally removed, they are right there, energetically translated next door in another dimension, continuing on as before.

We know absolutely nothing about who we are, where we are or why. There are some superficial known facts, nothing so fundamental, however, that would allow us to star travel, or move Earth out of the way of serious incoming trouble. Sounds like Sci-fi? Certainly not, mystics having been telling us for millennia about states of being that are clearly not from around these parts; somehow they have become aware of the very big picture.
Perhaps we have some say in what happens to the planet and the space around it. Maybe there are periodic convergences of souls, animal, vegetable and mineral, for instance, that set up strong resonances that in turn lead to a particular set of energy changes, and without being aware that it will happen, the teeter-totter swings the other way, and what was down becomes up and vice versa.
Maybe one should not take comfort from so radical a shift in Earth’s state of affairs, but why not? There is so much nasty man-made trouble these days that could well be gotten rid of by whatever means.


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