apple pie issues

For goodness sake make sure you are growing your own food, or can contact someone who is or can sell or prepare items for you. It is only in the last two or three decades that the idea of convenience buying of food products came into being in the overly garish, puffed up and pretty way we see it now. People going round in the stores are NOT happy about what has come to pass, especially the older folk who know better; they are uneasy, aware that while the packaging looks gorgeous and tempting, the contents inside are frequently not up to expectations.

There is very little time to put this trend in its place – NOWHERE.

Start right away to change habits concerning what you eat and where you get it. The cost of high quality is immediately offset by the benefit of eating well and keeping healthy. Check around locally and see what is available, ask food stores you trust to get in what you want. Less fancy packaging means money saved, a lot less garbage to be disposed off, a lot less plastics and resources used, less trucking and fuel costs, proper emphasis on the food in the bag, not the bag itself.

The looks of things on the shelf are to attract your eye, not feed your body.

There are wonderful ways to eat well, millions of recipe books to to read and try out. Eating locally will protect the future from the degradation of big business interests that are definitely NOT in agreement with your own.

More in our next.


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