apple pie issues – second slice.

For those who have come lately to the Tetralogia and Wiggledywoo blogs, the intent has always been to reveal many of the ideas contained in my four novels.

A little on how four novels came about. I didn’t start writing Book One, dear me no, I thought there was a short article I could put together and send somewhere, concerning the over-population of the Earth, and Earth’s reaction to the ever-increasing burden on her being. That was twenty years ago, but ten years later I had a tome of over one thousand pages single spaced! When I presented this opus to a celebrated literary agent, she said, “Take it away, that thing has got to be two books, at least!”
It became B’Hemoth, prequel to The Gatherers Trilogy, and Book One of the trilogy, Cataclysm’s Day.

Apple pie has a lot to do with what I was thinking back then. Apple pie is quintessential, iconic, a perfect representation of the good life. It says my life is good, the world is good, it is the best of everything that is fresh, wholesome, sweet and memorable, and having been created with love and care, it is something really special.

Anyone who is younger than 55-60 years, doesn’t know what has been lost from the net worth of the Earth. Apple pie has become, for many, a pale, tasteless shadow of its former glorious self. The ingredients for its making have become severely degraded, not nearly as vibrant as they once used to be, and where goodness still prevails, it is not available to all, being expensive and much harder to find. Once upon a time being organic was the way of the world, now it is truly present in dangerously far too few places, and often the word ‘organic’ is used to divert the attention of the consumer, not add anything to the quality of his food.
There are many reasons for this state of affairs; in my next I’ll put on my oven mitts and have a go at what is a very ‘hot’ item.


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