apple pie issues, oven mitts!

The virtues we were born with, and which were, not so long past, regularly refreshed by our parents, the schools and churches and by the careful observation of the proper behaviour, honour, integrity and air of responsibility that upright citizens, in particular those who held public office, displayed, were as good as eating an apple every day.

No snorts and sniggers please, it is horrible to think that goodness might be fading away, that those whom we look up to and elect to do the public business, don’t find it necessary to show leadership anymore. It is only by constant practice that negative traits, which are always with us, can be prevented from taking hold and mimic that which is truly good.

This is subtle stuff, hard to believe, almost too good to be true, like great apple pie, but daily we see that the distinctive flavour is going from our societies, there is much of a bland sameness about everything, and quality is being eroded fast in many different ways. A blight has come upon us, in much the same way as orchards and fields of grain that are not cared for, may suffer.

Is there malice aforethought in all this? Certainly there is if you name it callous opportunism, greed, excessive profit taking, false statements, and the deliberate breaking of the laws and regulations to further illegal ends.

There are so many pressures in play these days which have been instrumental in turning our world from the traditional and sustainable ways that worked for so long. For instance:

Enormous increase in world populations: the shift of people from the rural areas to the cities in huge numbers, both conditions which create an unprecedented food and shelter dependency. The cities are not going to go away, however, people must eat, but consider that Nature has not done us a bad turn, we have abandoned her, and in doing so have caused incredible harm to the fabric of life on this planet by ignoring what we know is right and best.

NOTE: Earth is the only planet sustaining life that we know of, or in case of catastrophe can get to easily, all of us!

Small is beautiful and manageable; if you don’t use it you’ll lose it, are two phrases that could easily apply to working at ways to grow our own food and live differently.
We know we’re in trouble! Where are the natural smells and the bouquet of the Earth that used to blow in on the wind? The awful stinks of mankind more often prevail, distracting us and causing us to forget our garden heritage.

Remember apple pie, make a great one, but put on the oven mitts or fingers will get burned.


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