Partaking of Glory

The Irvines were great gardeners. Were, for they are now partaking of glory at present (Charles Dickens, David Copperfield, Uriah Heep.)

When they were in their late eighties, getting down, digging and dibbling was too hard for old knees and high blood pressure, so they called me in to do the tough stuff. But sadly that didn’t serve either; the ground was still too far away for their creaking backs and bad eyesight.

“Raised boxes,” said I. Mr. I thought they’d still be too low.

“No, table height,” I explained, and proceeded to make, from wood, three huge boxes, 9 x 3 feet and 1 foot deep, with six sturdy legs and braces each, to hold them up. The short ends of the boxes were hinged, for easy removal and filling of soil.

The mode of operation required barrier cloth layers on the bottom and sides, then a shallow layer of pebbles and sand, and finally the boxes were topped up with the great rich soil from the Irvines’ garden.

With great excitement Mr. And Mrs. I got busy, and what a glory they created from their plantings. Wonderful veggies and flowers grew up and down, over and out of those high beds, sometimes supported by trellis, but mostly the profusion managed to hold itself up.
I do wish I had a photo of what they achieved for quite a few years more.

No need in those days to check for GM labels and nasty restrictions on seed packets, there weren’t any. Not so far back really, 1985-90?? Got to keep your eyes open nowadays!



  1. I will have y raised bed after all!

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