Weighing in

Can anyone say if the weight of the Earth has changed since it was formed??????
The system neither gains from space nor loses to space, so one must assume that there is a constant redistribution of weight, and although we can’t detect it, it is probably a rather delicate and refined process.
This begs the question:
With the human populations getting larger and larger, and weighing in at a tidy amount – considerably more if one counts all the clobber we keep around us, what then will happen when the balances within and without the Earth can no longer be maintained? The planet is heavy, no doubt about it, but it is the outer crust we should ponder about, for it is a very slim sliver of the whole.

Perhaps if humans did nothing at all, didn’t indulge in conflicts or set off prodigious explosions all over the place, or dig massive great holes in the Earth’s surface, or tunnel forever through the ground, thus weakening the deeper structures in a way we know boo all about, our sheer numbers would be enough to tip the scales and send the Earth off on a course of major realignment.

I don’t know!



  1. Lord willing, we will go “To Infinity and Beyond!” 🙂
    And, if not – It will come to us. Rolling along, UT

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