UFO or no!

I think it is time to tell my UFO story. Actually there were two of us who saw the ‘thing’. The year was 1968, about 10 pm on a very clear evening in late September. We’d been studying at the university, and were in our car driving out of the parking lot when we saw it. A huge white ball was in the sky at the city end of the bay, and it was slowly moving westwards towards the open ocean. We stopped and got out to get a better look at the object, to hear how it was being propelled, and maybe catch the sound of some music attending an event. The night was quiet and still, no clues of any sort presented themselves. Using various buildings and a church to gauge its size, we decided that what we were seeing was very big indeed. We couldn’t understand why all the sirens in the town were not going off, but nothing stirred, and there it was, moving slowly westward, using almost forty minutes to cover three miles, but that was to be as far as it would go, for when I had the bright idea to drive much closer and get a better look, the thing seemed to gather itself together, and flashed out of sight northwards up the inlet. Gone, gone, gone, in two seconds, no more! Remember the start of Star Trek Voyager? Warp 10, maybe more! We had no answers.
Thirty years or so later, I was relating this tale, which had never gone from my memory, to a fellow workmate. He was not in the least put out, in fact settled down to tell me his story, which made ours pale by comparison.
He’d been a teenager in 1968, living out in the prairies, and as the weather was still warm late in the evening, he’d been lying out on the grass looking up at the stars, and waiting for one of very few satellites to flash by. A satellite, he thought, came up over the horizon, but it didn’t keep going, instead it stopped right above him, then set off again at right angles to the previous course. This changing of direction apparently happened several times, till the teenage boy, taking fright from the strange sight he couldn’t explain, high-tailed it to the bright lights of his mother’s kitchen.
Both incidents appeared to be ‘for our eyes only’. No one else saw either event; they didn’t make the papers or bring out the military, but they did happen.

The fabric of space, the space-time continuum, doesn’t need to be rolled out in a regular way. It can be thick or thin, slow or fast, maybe have great holes in it, through which incidents from another reality may be momentarily viewed. I have no problem adjusting to that idea, there may be billions of other realities coexisting in parallel or in a jumble with each other.
There are too many stories that knock the idea of a reliable consistency on the head, too many theories that would come right if the scientists would calculate in the potential for co-existent realities. When a big bomb goes off, the surrounding area involved is left in something of a mess. Why should the Big Bang be any tidier?



  1. Very interesting. My father had a “close encounter” as a night watchman aboard a merchant vessel in the Bermuda Triangle. I was about seven years old at the time. 1976. It forever changed him,as he was a god fearing Christian who did not believe in UFO’s before the encounter. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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