The People

One sees and hears that people are demanding Democracy. Well, they don’t have to look far, they ARE Democracy. It is from The People that all things flow, despite what the powerful would like to believe. The Will of The People makes and breaks all things, it has to be so; we construct our own laws and institutions. Who else would, a duck?

In times past the World View of The People was very narrow, limited in scope, generally poorly understood, but having great variety. It is from these multiple states that governance was generated, and its subsequent effect upon The People has swung between being very good and absolutely terribly bad. The People live their own understanding of themselves, and because of the dominance of our species, the rest of the world gets to tag along.

The Great Change – Weltenansicht, also thought of as Death – is underway now. The World View of The People is going global, a situation that can only expose, flay bare and bleeding all the smallnesses of our past and present belief systems and ways of organising ourselves. It also leaves us short of proper answers as to how we should proceed in the future. That’s what all the talk and manoeuvring is about.

What will The People make of their combined selves?

Sometimes it is not good to use old tools to create something new, sometimes it is better to start out afresh and build the tools to do the task at hand.



  1. Democracy – begins when The People realize
    they have to play God, and then lay down The Law.
    After that, we hope and pray the Lord’s will coincides with ours.

    Hope you have a great Good Friday, Kristin! Peace, UT 🙂

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