Turned ‘ON’!

off the point

I cannot not believe in the Light of Consciousness, which must have been created with what the scientists call the Big Bang, in our neighbourhood anyway. Really I don’t know if we should bother to try to give it dimensions and purpose, it’s in the ‘ON’ position, that should be enough. The question of duality seems a wholly different matter, a state of being that for all its instability, does not disturb the Light of Consciousness. Duality can be thought of as a way to pinpoint where Life is at; the Light and the Dark, actively in each other’s presence, act in concert, allowing the shiftings between the two to create a Force that moves all matter of phenomena along the path to the place of balance where the Light of Consciousness can be best revealed.



  1. Good read. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

  2. Very much so… Nice point. 🙂

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