The weight of Karma

sq mandala

The Dalai Lama at one of his gatherings was asked for his understanding of Karma. His Holiness took no time to ponder the question, but said: Karma is the ripening of considered acts.

In short, if we do good, our Karma will ripen as good; if we do bad things, then Karma will reflect upon us in a negative way. It is in our interest to do the very best we can at all times, not because we will be Little Goody Two Shoes, but rather we will have limited our weight against the Karmic Wheel and caused it not to turn.
Buddhism centres its teachings on the heart. How the heart reacts to the many circumstances of life that come against us, is the true indicator of what is good or bad. The Mind/Brain calculates, it does not feel. Goodness and Badness are not registered there; however it takes daily practice to shift one’s attention to the heart and sense the rightness about what is going on in our lives.
Having discovered The Way, the actions we take are registered with a plus not a minus sign in the Karmic Register, and we begin to gain a peaceful life which reflects strongly on those around us.



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