Celestial trio

By Book Two of the Trilogy, The Blessings of Dis, extraterrestrials invited themselves into the story, stayed and made a definite difference. To me, the combo word ‘extraterrestrial’ means ‘did not originate on Earth’, but Witness and Questor go one better, they don’t come from anywhere. They are energy points that have been given a specific task, to show up after Cataclysm and do what they can to fix the problem.
The learning curve they have to embark on is as steep as the one the cataclysmic storm has presented to those who survive on Earth. Physical and non-physical have to work their way through this one together, but on separate ball parks, because those poor souls on Earth have no clue that they have qualified for celestial aid.
If something goes well for them, they thank their lucky stars and their Gods, leaving W&Q to gnash their teeth in their borrowed bodies, at the lack of recognition they have received.
W&Q have the Guv’nor for a boss, which is no great advantage, they believe, as Big G is always flying off at tangents in pursuit of balance between space and time throughout the universes.
I banged my head against the wall sometimes as the antics of this trio threatened to unseat the story line, and turn it into a music hall sketch.
I know what they were about; they were trying to instill a lighter tone into an otherwise serious narrative
I think they succeeded, and with taste, too.


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