Grandchild came and sneezed, Kaaaaaaachu!
That’s it, got the FLU!!!!

What goes around, comes around. Either you are commiserating with friends and neighbours, or you are gloating. For a while anyway.

Could be worse, I still have a sense of humour and the desire to do something….remains unspecified. Ah, well. Worked for a while on the audio file of the Prequel, B’Hemoth. It proceeds, going to be an audiobook soon. Cataclysm’s Day, first book of the Trilogy, almost back-edited, again. Must be about the eighth time! There is a process in play here, I call it reverse integration, things that have been written in the future have to be aligned with those of the past. Really makes a difference in the flow of the work.



  1. Susan Worrall says:

    hope you are much better tomorrow!

  2. You bet!

  3. Bleeeees you!!! Get better soon, Kristin!

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