Mark it well

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe; she’d so many children she didn’t know what to do.

Having written multiple books with a story that carries forward characters for many decades, that same sense of not being quite with it, has often settled over me. At first there was panic, but eventually order created itself out of disordered writing habits. Long stories require extensive time-line and character notes. Nonnie drove me to that point, for this little heroine was chosen, one might say, by other interested parties, and having become manifest, there was no way my original ideas for the continuing story could stay as they were, they had to be changed.
I’m glad I took the time to create story notes; bells, yells and knells, who did what and when, enter the extraterrestrial help, that sort of thing. Later I would be so pleased to be able to turn over a few pages and find the information I was looking for, rather than rummage in my memory-banks, which, at times, were not so reliable, particularly by the finish of the second book. I forgot characters’ names, had them married to the wrong person, or dead long in advance of the fact. It seems silly to say all this, but the writer is not wholly supported by the strong desire to write; as in all craft worth doing, there has to be more perspiration than inspiration, story lives grind out slowly as do those in reality.

Taking an objective stance was by far the best thing I ever did.
Nothing to do with me! I only work here, became essential when the text of the Prequel was narrated, and the work to bring the spoken words into first-class shape began. Editing audio files is a long business, exacting in a way that laying words down on a page can never be. Nuance of word and plot which only the writer had in her head until the reading, was now out there, and it was a jolly good idea, I found, not to get too uptight, worried or coy about this ‘new’ edition.
Listening to the words for their own sake was an amazing experience, a vindication, of sorts, for all the time poured into this make-believe world.



  1. It would be a kindness to your readers to find the actual text on the shelf of a library one day or even in a bookstore. I fear I may fade away waiting for my first peak inside. 🙂

  2. slaving away on the audiobook, Neva. Soon, I promise. Winter has just passed, and I nearly went with it. K

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