This for that

The world uses one monetary system these days; sure there are still a number of currencies in operation, but before too long they will be phased out, and it won’t matter where you are, the way of doing business will be exactly the same. That’s if you’re hooked into the computer/web system, and have a multiplicity of verified banking cards that know everything about you and are cleared to give you access to your own funds, but on their terms. Sounds so neat and tidy, no mussy, no fussy, which it is, except that independence and most of the rights of the individual no longer exist, those were given over when you signed your card. Of course we haven’t been called on this yet, the world goes along quite well in a financial way, but if anything should slip or give way, steel vault doors will slam shut, and it will be another story, the one written in the very small print.

Financial security at arm’s length is boringly predictable, has no excitement, is like watching paint dry, and the card-holder has no knowledge of how many times their hard-won earnings went round the world in the night while they slept.

Oh woe is me! Where are the lumpy mattresses that harboured worldly worth, the tin in the garden or under the floorboards? No brick in the wall safe or cheap plots of land to be sold as retirement funds when the time came round. A little of that still goes on, of course, but most money has evolved into a series of on and offs in a computer hard drive, and the hard cash, the coins and bills, the mainstay of many small nations, will soon be gone as well.

What happens if the satellite relays are taken out by solar flares? Big Problem!!!! What if the electricity grid fails or is made to fail? Business goes from smooth to non-existent!!
Eggs in one basket have been proved to be highly suspect. It’s hard to understand how the pension fund you paid into for years and have papers to prove it, can be wiped clean of every penny in less than an hour.

Small and simple is always beautiful and enduring.
Forget about money, you can’t eat it, use barter instead. Believe in the exchange of things of equal value, accumulate your wealth in crops and animals, your labour as a craftsman, or your strong right arm, live the truth of each day, which is immediate and absolutely real.
Put your faith in the exchange of a bag of potatoes for a bag of carrots or two chickens, and the handshake of a decent person to settle the deal.
Know that the process of exchange and the atmosphere of trust and honesty is worth a fortune, and will still be there should the sky choose to fall in.


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