As above so below

The first stage began in 2059, and was to take several years, with Jake and the science crew spending much time deep underground mapping out the exact location of every square inch of the place, and doing at the same time, exhaustive tests to determine the strength of the limestone rock for it needed to able to withstand the work of widening and boring.
Playing at being normal tickled Louis’s fancy no end. It was the perfect scheme to move personnel, equipment and supplies quietly underground. Via had offered the Tinklers the use of the barns at Hazelbank Farm before she went, and they became one of the regular staging locations. Gilbert and Stevie, and sometimes Jake’s brother Freddie, came and went from the farm at all hours of the night and day anyway, and their presence around the place occasioned little comment. It was easy, therefore, for people and small goods to take the short track up through the gorse and brambles behind the farm, and then, by way of the reopened natural shaft that Jake had tumbled into years ago, descend unseen into the cave system proper.
Bigger pieces of equipment came in by way of the sea caves the Tinklers had already explored and altered for themselves after they arrived in the valley, and what had been narrow and twisted became straight and penetrated far underground.
The mutual association between Louis and the Tinklers worked like a charm, and slowly, over time, a state-of-the-art experimental space station took its fascinating shape in the quiet depths of the limestone caves. The technicalities of Astar were very modern indeed, but to the casual observer it didn’t have the over-bearing, over-riding sense of being utterly alien. It wasn’t made of brightly gleaming steel or plastics, it didn’t have silky smooth walls with no angles, and instead, Louis and his designers, holding closely to the desires of the Tinklers, had created an environment that was coaxed out of the rock itself. After all, the space station wasn’t going to be orbiting about the Earth, it was a fixture, a permanent place and so it could look like what it actually was, a cave. Equipment expresses no opinions as to where it’s put; people, on the other hand, can think of nothing else, and Louis’s engineers didn’t mind if Astar had a spelunking look, as long as every piece they installed worked as it was supposed to.
So continued a profoundly important relationship between one of the world’s most prestigious, cutting edge aeronautics companies and the independent, and earth-bound, but not so easily duped Tinklers, who lived to hell and gone on the western edge of a Great Prairie.
Louis was deeply pleased by the way Astar developed, and the Tinklers were equally comfortable with the newness and strangeness of such a modern space as it slowly gestated under their feet not far from Hazel Creek.

taken from the Prequel B’Hemoth, Book One of Four Books To Change The Earth.

The audiobook moves forward, a new stage begins tomorrow. There is a plan to make some of the blogs into audio files, a way to test the technology and the interest in the project.


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