Time Out

The arrival of the warm weather has put a different spin on the making of blogs.
It’s only eight months since I began to blog, and I am beginning to recognise how often the basic concepts have to evolve to stay fresh as the months roll by. Tetralogia: Four Books to Change the Earth, has a tight focus of interest, being all about the novels I ‘ve written over the past two decades, and while I have talked about the general ideas contained in Book One and sometimes Book Two, I have probably been too coy about revealing the stories in full.
No surprise if my followers get bored and decide to go elsewhere.
What is needed is another way to open up the stories, all of them, and I am presently working out how that could be done.
For the next few months Tetralogia will appear weekly, the look of the site needs a bit of a house clean anyway, and by the end of the changes there should be something to catch folks’ attention.
The Prequel, B’Hemoth, is being prepared as an audio book, and the plan is to have that completed by the end of August. More challenges to follow, no doubt, but that’s what keeps one active and well.
Hi to everyone, enjoy your summer wherever you are in the world. Keep your own blogs coming; I take great pleasure in reading them.



  1. Thank you, Kristin! I wish you the best. Happy Friday! 🙂 UT

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