Why does anyone write?

Why does anyone write? Why do people climb mountains, cross rivers on high wires, or the Atlantic in straw boats? Because there’s something to discover about the project embarked upon, and the staying power of the person who has decided to do it. No matter if there are years of preparation at every stage of the way, and maybe the same time again in refinement of the necessary techniques to make the endeavour at all worthwhile.
From the first, the mind has to be prepared to remain solitary for long periods of time, and maybe also the physical body. The ordinary life pleasures often have to be put aside, so that the soft, quixotic germ of the idea that is seeking expression, is not diverted and lost in the loud, carelessly milling everyday crowd.
All is not lost; in giving up the external life, one is free to engage with the existence carved out by the word story, or the adventure, and there is more than enough to do keeping up with that, especially when the characters of the imagination or legend, come alive and express their opinions and desires.
There is the spirit of adventure and the adventure in spirit. This deeper part, if quickly acknowledged, makes the work grind very much easier. To travel alone is wearisome; to travel in the company of one’s awakened imagination and dreams, is high adventure indeed.




  1. Good read. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

  2. Thanks Nonoy.

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