How can important ideas and actions about the global environment be understood and acted upon by everyone in the shortest period of time?

I’ve no idea!

No two people see the world the same way. In fact, no two leaves on a tree, or grass on the ground have the same world view either. It gets worse: for many people exist out of current time, and being ‘real’ is not something they practice very often. A few ideas are imprinted in their minds at an early age, and after that they’re content to raise their eyes and read what they see written on the inside of their skulls! There’s not very much to contemplate, and it isn’t profound.

This does not imply that people are stupid, they are not, but many lives offer no opportunity to look further afield, and all they have, therefore, is their personal on-site billboard, which is comforting to them by virtue of its close proximity, but not informative.

In times of great change, being a victim is about all we might aspire to.

A bit of Good Luck wouldn’t go amiss either.



  1. A very tough question to answer, I think the parents should start to educate their kids about global environment now not tomorrow!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

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