Stay tuned

The relatively imminent completion of B’Hemoth, prequel to The Gatherers Trilogy, as an audio book, has made me think a great deal more about how I want to look and be interacted with. Audio and video clips are definitely on the list, and the ways to promote and sell content like this, will also have to be studied in depth. I’m always open to suggestions on the matter, and suspect there will be much to take in on the subject.

A change of this WordPress theme is possibly in order, as I hope to have more drawings and graphics to show, but until that happens, I will continue on with the present site, greatly reordered.

Nothing ever stays the same, including the early ideas which I thought would do what needed doing. However, I’m just as excited now as I was when I cobbled together the first tetralogia, and look forward to building all the ideas into something enjoyable for the readers.


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