Big Mothers of Volcanoes!

We have reason to be very fearful of volcanoes, they are not predictable, can’t be influenced in any way, take no prisoners and make no friends. They are the nearest thing Earth has to a creative urge, or an unexpected sneeze!
“Oh, excuse me, did I frighten you?”
The largest volcano in our solar system is happily NOT on Earth. It is Olympus Mons, and is to be found on the planet Mars. It towers 25 kilometers into Mars’ atmosphere, is nearly 600 kilometers across, and the caldera, the mouth, is 40 by 50 miles. It is truly an enormous creature of Mars’ nature, and when active was probably visible from other planets.
A study of Earth reveals the potential location of a few similar Big Mothers. Not so much on land, although they are there, but where land and sea meet, where oceanic waters, having drowned most of those ancient bodies, have left long curving coastlines and strings of islands sticking up like jagged and rotten teeth.
The Old Ladies are dead, they have done their work, never again will peoples on Earth witness what our forebears must have done. Never again will Earth be turned inside out, at least we fervently hope so.


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