There it is 2002 hits. I don’t know what I expected when I started blogging. The process is certainly interesting and surprising; I have been connected to people from every part of the world who have such intriguing things to say and ideas to convey, and I find it’s important that I take the time to know about them.

Our world is changing very fast, much faster than at any other time in history. Natural diversity of cultures and beliefs are being challenged by a comfortable homogeneity of lifestyle, promoted by those who seek to make an incredible amount of money by selling us a short list of carefully chosen items, computers, phones, credit, cars and cheap travel, to distract our minds and senses, till we begin to think we have no worries at all, that everything in the garden is rosy.
Earth is a garden planet, it needs tending, however, not wrecking, but the damage that is being done to this planet right now is also going on at a rate unprecedented in history, apparently to satisfy our needs, but really to cash in on more immense profit possibilities.
The ordinary citizen is not watching his back, just the communication devices, all of us are sleeping at the wheel, forgetting to look for the road that can lead us to a better, more sustainable future.

How I will continue to present Tetralogia: Four Books to Change the Earth, is under review at moment. There are so many ways it might be done that more ponder time is needed. I believe in the potential that is released by change, whether it is blogging or story-telling. But right now I feel I’ve got a huge ball of wool in my hand, and I can’t find the end that will allow me to unwind it properly.


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