Thought creates realities

Shamans are known worldwide as having the ability to bring on the rain, affect a community healing when emotions and expectations are running low, and find balance among the people through dancing and singing. Shamans can unquestionably move Nature, having spent a lifetime learning the ways of spirit and its relationship to humans; they have time-honoured ways of achieving the desired results.
But what would happen if those unschooled in the shamanic art, which is most of us, were able to change natural events, such as the weather patterns, without knowing they were doing it. Crowds at sporting events and political rallies can alter results, simply by producing an energy which is capable of overturning the expected outcome. Stadium crowds are powerful examples of the common will.
In unsettled times, which are coming upon us, worry and stress, unexpressed anger and suppressed feelings could rise to such a pitch among a sufficiently large number of a population that the natural weather balances in a region could swing to extremes, causing drought on one hand or flooding on the other. Even though the shaman skill is missing in those situations, the energy is not, and to date we really don’t know what happens when human thought coalesces into form.
The media work hard to sway vast sections of public opinion, but maybe they should temper their efforts, maybe the disasters that are occurring all too regularly these days might be greatly reduced if there was less overheating and hyperhype in the daily news. Just a thought.



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