Loop the loop

I wonder how many times the Earth has renewed itself up to now. It’s not a surprising thing that it should. You could say that as events stack up and a pressure grows, there’s going to be a moment when something has to give, and after that event, very possibly nothing will be what it was before. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Depends upon where one is standing, but good and bad are values that shouldn’t be applied to situations of this sort, in fact deciding that anything is good or bad is a pointless exercise, there is rarely enough information to allow for an informed opinion.
Life goes on after catastrophes, it just does. Not comfortably or well, but short of quitting ones life, the business of each day is attended to, and often something new comes of the effort. Will one be better or worse for having gone through the experience? Who knows, each person alive brings something different to every situation.

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