Up,up and away!

If the idea of Earth being sentient, alive in the way we think of ourselves being alive, is a little uncomfortable, if not silly, then perhaps the word ‘sensitive’ will do instead.

It bothers me that so much digging, sucking and pumping out of materials, oil and gas goes on; processes that take from Earth’s body, but do not bother to properly put back. Surely this must lead to areas of weakness, as far as the planet is concerned.

Sure Earth is big and sturdy and can take it, but even so there have to be necessary adjustments made to balance out the whole, and in doing this new tensions will appear that will markedly alter surface conditions, including the atmospheres.

In ancient times, a few folk wandering the globe were hardly affected by ongoing change; nowadays billions of settled people can’t fail to suffer, either directly or as a consequence of alteration.

In short, to compensate for shrinkage and reducing surface pressure, Earth pushes more material outwards; a deficit on the surface leads directly to higher inner activity. Earth is cognisant of every square millimetre of Her being, and has the means and the intent to put things right.

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