What if? What next?

History is a repeating pattern of flourishing success and dismal failure, and the first state always contains the elements that will bring the second condition into being.
Individuals and nation states will come and go, and both will leave something behind by which they will be remembered. It could be good or bad, or it could contribute something tangible that the future will use to its advantage.
Can we say the Greeks gave the Western World philosophic premise and logical thinking based on argued theoretical ideas? And the Romans, perhaps it was, for them, the application of power as conquest and the use of an elitist language, Latin, by scholars and the Church.
It seems that whatever is remembered of a civilisation takes a long time to be evaluated and then integrated by the successor. Once this happens, however, the New Imperium, recognising that worth, applies the discoveries with vigour.
The British Imperialists were holier-than-thou militaristic explorers; they gave shape to the world, created the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution and put a benign constitutional face on Imperial Law.
Subsequent historical events, moving at speed, didn’t allow for a decent period of evaluation and integration following the British downturn, and that which should have been recognised as past its best and dumped, was allowed to move on, to contaminate much of future potential, and greatly lessen the value of creative new thinking and ideas.
Crumbling bricks and sand have much in common; neither offers a solid foundation that can be relied upon. This makes it difficult for those who inherit the trappings of past glory to know what is truly good and durable.
Still things go on; there’s always something that sticks out as new and amazing, and at the present time this is speed of light communication systems that have wrapped themselves around the globe, and the scientific ability to fully study the smallest and the largest of everything around us.
Perhaps we will all really learn from these contributions.



Nothingness is a somethingness, which is a nothingness, on and on and on till the universe freezes over.
Living in a dual reality as we do, that’s pretty well how it will always be ….
Love and Marriage …,
Horse and carriage…,
Can’t have one without the ooooother! Diddledum, diddledum, pompom!

The essential complementary association of all things is easily recognised in the ancient Tao symbol of Yin and Yang.

Best leave all that heady stuff to do its own thing, and concentrate on what we are within the Light of Consciousness, and how we can become comfortable as a species in our awareness, balanced as we are, like everything else, on a point much smaller than that of a pin.

The word ‘relating’ is probably a much more useful one than ‘thinking’, which seems limited to the mind/brain processes, and as we have come to know, being up in our noggin, doesn’t mean what happens will be better for being higher.

Our mental powers should be always connected to the five senses, for in that relationship we may reach out to all species and communication between us all will be much more successful.

Rightness and wrongness have not been touched upon in all of the above, but it must be obvious that if there is not a strong bonding relationship, it will be much easier to indulge in behaviours that will be very unbalanced, leaving open the door to activities which while benefitting a few, will destroy many.

Honour, another word that has been greatly demeaned, implies an understanding of that place of balance, where the interrelatedness of everything has to be maintained although there are differences of opinion. Add to that two other states; deliberate ignorance of facts and wilful detachment from results.

Perhaps we live in a detached, ignorant and dishonorable age despite all our claims to the contrary, simply because we are trying to jump over essential steps in our desire to get quickly ahead.
Where would ‘ahead’ be, do you think? Could be nothingness!

Too much!


And if there were no seasons to look forward to?

If the genomic code between all species was broken,
and proper communication was possible?

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